Historical Overview

MFM Woolwich Women Foundation

The MFM Women Foundation was officially inaugurated in September 2006, by the General Overseer of MFM Worldwide, Dr. D.K. This body was officially inaugurated in The Netherlands in 2010 by Pastor (Mrs) Shade Olukoya. The authorities of MFM strongly believe that women have a unique role to play in the body of Christ because God has specially endowed them for specific assignments, particularly at this end-time.

The administration of the Women Foundation runs horizontally through the MFM Regions flowing into the MFM Branches worldwide; to touch the lives of all MFM women through spiritual awareness and enlightenment. Each MFM Branch worldwide has a mandate to have a highly functional and vibrant Women Foundation Department available to all women that are fully committed members of MFM Ministries.

The Women Foundation is geared to train and empower all women with skills in their specific areas, in order to fulfil their family obligations as help mate to their husbands. Equally, the women are spiritually strengthened through seminars, workshops and prayer sessions organized regularly.

Our goal primarily is to bring out the best in our women to enable them to be fulfilled as children of God, family keepers and worthwhile income earners. Also, we aim to raise women leaders that will distinguish themselves honourably always.

Objectives of the MFM Women  Foundation Region 8, Woolwich Branch

  • To bring women together in the spirit of unity, cooperation and love that would make them good ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To train, develop and produce Holy Spirit filled women for positions of leadership in both MFM and the larger society.
  • To teach women how to handle marital problems in a godly manner.
  • To allow women operate within the spiritual framework of their callings and to help develop their God-given potentials.
  • To train women to become prayer eagles.
  • To create an avenue where general feminine matters can be discussed and addressed.
  • To groom and train women to become total women in all ramifications so they can be relevant to both the church and the society in this 21st century.
  • To have a voice for sisters in the ministry.

Functions of Women Foundation

  • To Handle, and effectively coordinate the activities of Women Deliverance programmes.
  • To introduce and manage MFM Women education.
  • To monitor the activities of Women Ministers/Pastors and leaders at all levels.
  • To handle the affairs pertaining to Women’s health and welfare.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and public lectures yearly at both national and international levels on issues relating to women.
  • To encourage the publications of magazines, newsletters, books, etc. relating to Women in the Ministry and to disseminate valuable information that will enhance the development and empowerment of women.
  • To mentor and train the younger sisters in MFM Worldwide and prepare them for future assignments.
  • Promote Personal Upliftment and goal orientation.
  • Develop Visionary Women who aim to achieve their purposes in life.• Mobilize and Empower the women to prosper.

Departments in the Women Foundation

Within the Women Foundation, there are a number of departments to facilitate implementation of the Women Foundation’s objectives. The departments include:

    • Women Affairs:
      This group caters for general marital issue, raising Godly children, widows and single mothers and divorcees.
    • Ministers and Pastors Wives:
      This organizes prayer meetings, seminars, workshops on vocational skills for the Physical and spiritual well-being of the Pastor’s wives.
    • Women Education:
      This department is in charge of training in MFM Worldwide.
    • Publication and Secretariat:
      This department helps to disseminate all the information concerning women’s programmes.
    • Women’s Health:
      This department holds workshops and seminars addressing issues peculiar to the health of women.
    • Women Empowerment:
      This Department identifies the basic needs and areas of development for women, teaches women how they can be empowered through training workshop on vocational skills in order to make the women economically independent and viable.
    • Women Leaders:
      Leadership is about influencing other women positively. It is about giving direction and making a godly impact on others..

In MFM Woolwich Women Foundation is fully operational. Since its inauguration of the Branch, we have had periodic seminars and workshops to physically and spiritually empower our women. These programmes have helped our women to become vision driven.  Every woman was created to accomplish something specific and be known for something special. We hold our meetings every 1th Sunday of the month immediately after the Church service in the main auditorium.



Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in me,
All His wonderful passion and purity.
Oh, thou Spirit divine, all my nature refine
Till the beauty of Jesus be seen in me.

When your burden is heavy and hard to bear
When your neighbours refuse all your load to share
When you’re feeling so blue, Don’t know just what to do
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.

When somebody has been so unkind to you,
Some word spoken that pierces you through and through.
Think how He was beguiled, spat upon and reviled,
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you

From the dawn of the morning till close of day,
In example in deeds and in all you say,
Lay your gifts at His feet, ever strive to keep sweet
Let the beauty of Jesus be seen in you.


Membership is for women who are full-fledged committed members of MFM Ministries Worldwide. They must be women of intellect, integrity, faith, honesty and loyalty. They must be spirit-filled as well. Every member should endeavour to fill a membership form.