The responsibility of an usher is an important part of our church ministry team and therefore demands wholehearted attention and faithfulness.

In order to fulfil our callings as ushers, we have been taken responsibilities and performing the following activities:

Before the Service

  • We sets the spiritual climate of the service by pre-service prayer and having a joyful attitude Makes sure that everything is in proper order so the service may flow with no interruption so We help make a visitor feel welcome and comfortable.
  • We are present at the entrance door to provide the service bulletin and/or booklet and offer a friendly face.
  • We always decide on how overflow seating will be handled.
  • Attendance: count everyone in the Main Auditorium. Count everyone in the Young Adult Church, Youth Church. Count all children in the Children Church. Record the numbers on the attendance slip.
  • Collecting the Offering: During offerings, we always pass the offering bags in a cheerful manner. Occasionally when there are additional offerings, we do facilitate their presentations.
  • Assistance to the Pastor: We always stand by the Pastor’s seating area to direct and assist people during altar call.
  • Acts as medium of communication for Pastor during service.
  • Assist Pastor in carrying out emergency procedures.
  • After the Service: We always see that the church is cleaned up after the service.
  • We are always aware of newcomers and visitors who may need assistance.

Our Other Duties & Responsibilities includes:-

  1. Be at church at least 8:30am for workers prayer meeting.
  2. Should turn on the lights, the heaters and open windows ( when applicable)
  3. Should be dressed neatly and appropriately.
  4. Should give out bulletin and visitor’s card (and pen).
  5. Should smile and warmly welcome everyone by name.
  6. Encourage people to sit closer to the front before they fill up the back row.
  7. Help people with babies to find a suitable seat.
  8. Be alert to minimise any noise or disturbance and to help people in any need.
  9. Be alert to pastor’s instructions to hand out any papers.
  10. Be alert to come forward to take up the offering.
  11. Come into the service and enjoy the singing, preaching etc.
  12. Collect filled-out visitors cards off people as they leave the service.
  13. Allocate good soul-winners to lead interested newcomers to Christ.
  14. Look for people without a friend and ensure that someone is talking with them at all
  15. Build and maintain a warm happy Godly atmosphere in the service.
  16. After everyone has gone home, close windows and lock doors.

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