• To teach men in-depth truth of God’s word in order to inspire them to build and develop interest inb studying the word of God and its importance
  • To help men have the understanding of applying the word of God into their family, environment and their daily living
  • To help men understand the mystery of God’s way by applying the word of God into every situation and circumstances etc.

A Man Of Valour…

can be defined as the total man who has discovered himself and has known God by revelation. A man of Valour therefore, differs from other men by possessing some peculiar qualities:

  • A man who knows God
  • A man who loves God and others
  • A man who fears God
  • A man who trusts God in all things
  • A man of exceptional courage
  • A man of integrity
  • A man of strength
  • A man who is faithful
  • A man of peace
  • A man who protects others
  • A man of honour
  • A man of his words etc

MoV Vision

For men to discover themselves, to recover their lost glory and be repositioned to fulfill their divine destiny (Ezekiel 36:26)

MoV Mission

To change lives of men by making them to discover themselves, bringing them closer to God, encouraging them to become men of integrity, who will make significant and beneficial impact in the lives of their children, spouses, families, in the society and in all facets of life.

The mission seeks to see Christian men financially and economically buoyant, putting them at the center of the economy and bringing dignity to the family.

The mission seeks to empower men to cause changes in their lives, families, household of God and in the society. It seeks to empower men that will live impactful lives.

MoV Core Values

We strive to fulfil our mission and vision by commitment to be:

  • Holy
  • Righteous in Christ
  • Filled and guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Christ-like
  • An example of a believer
  • Patient
  • Love our wives and children as Christ loves the church
  • Committed to the Word of God
  • Husband of one wife
  • Prayer eagle
  • Financial and spiritual heads of our homes