The multi-media team work in conjunction with the technical team members in providing a cohesion service during Church service days.  For the purpose of this write up we would focus on what the Multi-media team contribute towards the Church as a whole.

By the grace of God, the multi-media team uses modern technology in storytelling which we find more effective than just another event flashed across the projector.

The team uses a personal computer to deliver the following:

·         Vision identification – project Church Announcements, which includes; departmental, regional, national and international information.  Also project departmental request to Church brethren.  We display Praise Worship lyrics during Ministration. Members of the team support the Power Must Change Hands programme run monthly from HQ.

  • Brand standards – articulate key communication; sermon of the day, Bible references using the projector.  Our brand is delivering the Gospel through the Church Sermon and/or teaching of the day.  We support departments on Special Sundays; Mothers’ & Fathers’ Day celebration, End of Year Programme run by the Children’s Department.  Must especially the team support the Senior Pastor & Pastoral team as directed by either creation of PowerPoint slides, playing of DVD for GO messages or CD which could be linked to other Church departments or using music to usher brethren into the new week.
  • Communication Strategy – projecting details of forthcoming events within the branch, regional zone, national and international level.

Some of our achievements:

  • A privilege in preparing and printing the Church newsletter for a period of 18 months plus with Senior Pastor Akinola Olukoya input especially in moving forward using Corel Draw.
  • Supporting the Children’s Ministry department in the Launch of Fire Voices Children Choir and End of Year Programme 2012.
  • Supporting the Children’s Ministry department in Mothers’ Day Church presentation for the last 3 years running.
  • Supporting the Children’s Ministry department in Fathers’ Day 2013 Church presentation the first of the bran“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”

Ecclesiastes 9:10