Isa. 61:7, Ps. 25:13, Eph. 1:3

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  1. It is a year characterised by one word and that word is strangeness. It’s a strange year and if you want to confront a strange year, you pray strange prayers. Fortunately, if you start your prayers and someone doesn’t like the kind of prayers, don’t worry as God will give you result. For those who want to be praying for their enemy to grow stronger, they will grow stronger to finish them.
  2. It is a year of the cunning serpent because it’s a year of the cunning serpent, everybody must pray for discernment. Should I enter this bus? should I employ this person? It’s a year of the cunning serpent. I prophesy upon your life that the serpent spitting on you shall die violently in the name of Jesus.
  3. It’s a year of reaping benefit. Benefit of having aggressive faith and walking by faith. This year, violent faith will pay off.
  4. It’s a year of living a sacrificial lifestyle will yield barn filling and net breaking testimonies.
  5. It’s a year of disgrace for the Goliath like enemies personally, nationally, internationally. Enemy soaking themselves in incantation, sorceries and magics.
  6. It’s a year when walking with God, believing Gods words, saying hat God is saying and doing what he says will yield dividend.
  7. It’s a year of positive strategic journey. The journey may look unusual and uninviting but it will yield glorious end.
  8. A year when God will raise young rugged prophets and evangelists.
  9. It’s a year for the rise of men of faith who will do exploits.
  10. Many women that have been written off will obtain mysterious power to conceive. Power that cannot be explained.
  11. A fundamental key for accessing glory and breakthrough is in this year is sacrificial giving. Givers get, keepers lose. Any teaching asking you not to give unto God is a teaching from hell fire. The apostles gave liberally, and joyfully.
  12. Sanitising angels will begin to deal a death blow on all forms of sexual perversion. You youths, you heard me loud and clear now.
  13. It’s a year of challenges but laid with wonderful and fantastic opportunities. Don’t run away from challenges because it’s laid with fantastic opportunities.
  14. This year, spiritual development will not be a luxury or suggestion, it’s a necessity. Try your best this year to be more spiritual. Being spiritual will change your future, being spiritual will will enable you to communicate in the invisible realm, being spiritual will enable you to have supernatural victorious. Being spiritual will help you to defeat your seen and unseen enemies, it will position you against future hazard, it will enlighten you when the best decision seem unreasonable, it’s a spiritual tonic, been spiritual will ensure you’re not hopeless, it will give you great peace and joy, it will give you spiritual sight which melts away fear. Listen carefully beloveth, demons only submit to the violent of your spiritual power, the higher you go spiritually, the more you defeat your enemy.
  15. Ability to hear God clearly will yield dividend this year.
  16. This is a year to pray one particular everyday: Holy Spirit come upon me, power of the most high, overshadow me in the name of Jesus.
  17. It a year when believer should maintain their salty identity as salt. Let them know that you’re a child of God. Don’t allow unbelievers dictate how you dress or look.
  18. It a year of great accomplishment but by the law of great obedience.
  19. This is a year when all foundation wall of Jericho shall be destroyed.
  20. It’s a year of great revival for servant leaders.
  21. We need to pray for believers who live in harsh and anti Christian nations.
  22. This is a year when the hindrance and barriers of the promise land of people shall be removed.
  23. A year when those who love God should catch the fire of evangelism to save souls.
  24. The winds of adversity that has been blowing against people will shift in your favour.
  25. It’s a time of the God of the suddenly, for the God of suddenly shall arise and give you uncommon doors and breakthrough.
  26. It is a year when the wind of adversity will shift in your favour.
  27. It’s a year of double judgement, double reward.
  28. It’s a year of plenty of shocking secret shall be reveal.
  29. A year of great breakthrough for so many people.
  30. Many who are trying to get rich using satanic method will meet ready made destruction those who are into rituals and kidnapping, there is a prepared destruction waiting for them as a result of serious prayers of the children of God.
  31. Strong prayers are need to avert life wasting disasters.
  32. We need to pray seriously against the rage of the waters.