The drama group is instrumental in the church as it primarily supports the work of the pastor in the quest for ensuring souls are saved.  The drama group acts out the pastor’s preaching or teachings to make his efforts more appreciated.

The drama ministrations have brought about fruits of revival, deliverance, faith, love and Christian character.

It supports the Pastor to meet the emotional need of his Church members through presentations that teaches through the Word of God.

Jesus also used drama in terms of parables when explaining some truth of God’s Word.

Fundamentally, the Drama ministers are geared towards fulfilling God’s purpose as a vessel unto honour as follows: 

  • By saving the lost through drama evangelism.
  • To equip the saints for end-time harvest.
  • To evangelize the whole world through anointed drama ministration.
  • To revive the backsliders through power packed drama.
  • To warn and exhort the believers through stage and electronic media.
  • To expose the secrets of darkness, world, Satan and his cohorts.
  • To populate the kingdom of God via drama evangelism Acts 26:18.
  • To wake up the sleeping giants church Eph.5:4, Rom 13:11
  • To create and Foster Unity among churches of Christ World-wide, Jn 17:18.
  • To raise an able army for the Lord through drama and film productions.